Pacific Northwest – Day 1 & 2, a trek from California to British Columbia

May 10-11th

It seems somehow oddly appropriate that I am again this day in Portland, Oregon.  I was only here last July for a conference on Adobe Photoshop.  It is different this time.  My friend Steve, whom I met on the trip south in February, met me at the airport yesterday to jump start our 12 day adventure, drivingImg_2266
the Pacific coast from the northern tip of California to Tofino, British Columbia, Canada.  It is a practice really.  We have both done parts of this coast at various times in our past, but it is a good place to test new equipment and old for a similar time in ICELAND.  We leave June 21st and return July 6th.

We have already covered almost 500 miles so I am playing catchup with this message posting.  Here are interactive Google Maps of Day 1 and Day 2.  Zoom out when you initially open these to see the full drive.  They are VERY detailed.

Most of this area I have not seen since 1968 driving to Alaska from southern California.  The population has definitely grown in human terms.  Sleepy towns, some now lined with million dollar townhouses.  However we have found some parts that seem unchanged in the country side, green and comfortable for the furry lamas and well insulated sheep in the fields.  At 53 degrees with a stiff wind in places, we need to be well insulated too.

We stopped briefly at Port Orford, Oregon where they are somewhat unique in the fact that all of the vessels are hauled out of the water each day.  The boats are built to accommodate this activity with reinforced steel straps around their girth.  Port_orford_fleet_2
Here you can see them all lined up for the night.

I have been busy learning how to use my Canon XH-A1 high definition camcorder, now mounted on a Steadicam Merlin… its a huge learning experience in itself.  So far, just getting it balanced has been a feat, and I need to go to the gym to keep my arm in shape for making it all glide…. uh, sorry "fly" as the "Merlin" name implies.  It really does just that "flying part", remarkably.

We’ll head north again today for some new sights and hope the overcast will lift.  Briefly yesterday we has some patchy blue sky and sunlight.  I’ll post some still photos later today.

Cheers, Rusty