Pacific Northwest – Day 3

Charleston_or_map_overviewYesterday was 92 miles of intense interrogation of the coastal zone from Bandon, Oregon to Coos Bay, where we stayed for the night.  I was last here most definitely in 1969.  I put an image on the right to give an idea of where we are along the coast (see the blue flag in the lower left).  We’re headed for that area west of Seattle.

We definitely were not lost at any time.  In fact we knew so precisely where we were it was a bit funny (click here for the map of Day 3).  The reason for this is to LINK the GPS data to the image files.  Charleston_or_map
That is to embed the location data/time exactly into the image so which hand notation a record can be made of WHERE the shot was taken.  This becomes a factor when one is taking hundreds of photos a day from various locations.  The workflow to record this information is almost eliminated.

This area once was booming with all the activities related to logging and timber  operations, as well as fishing.  Now both are substantially in decline and tourism has replaced the former natural resources as the economic engine.  Certainly the timber and fishing both survive, but not in the fashion of the past.  We had lunch in Charleston, Oregon, a quiet little suburb of Coos Bay (pop. 16,000). Then headed north again searching for sand dunes, which are extensive along this coast, but not, so far, in the variety we are seeking.  Img_2297
Ones with no vegetation and no dune buggies roaring over them. 

The bridge over US 101 was in my memory from long ago.  I have a short video
here from our passage (taken with my Canon SD800).  The video is here if you have a problem:

So… on the road again.  More as it happens.


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