Pacific Northwest – Day 4

We are making progress, things are failing or not working at all.  Good primers for isolated cold adventures (for the equipment anyway, it might not come back).  The electrical inverter we were using in the geek-ed out car seemed to start smelling funny… this calls for a right right to the shoulder of the road, ripping wires out of the things that are plugged into it… sniffing a lot… then deciding to stop for the day and have a beer.  After applying the volt meter to the suspected inverter to confirm it’s terminal demise that had been foretold by the aroma it emitted.

We covered 142 miles today (click here for the Google Map of Day 4) after yet another late start, but we had a beautiful sunny day for the most part.  Many vistas called for stops, turn after turn.  We even stopped at Sea Lion Caves, where I distinctly recalled going with my father in 1969.  This was my first chance to use the Canon XH-A1 in very low light conditions.  Much of what I saw in the LCD screen I could NOT see with my naked eyes.  I was delighted.  We’ll hope the video shows as well and exceeds my expectations.

A nice art-deco bridge over the river at Waldport, OregonBridge_yachats2.  It’s US 101, and before I-5 it was the main route to get north and south.  In 1969 I was on US 101 for 1100 miles of my 4000 mile drive back from Alaska.

We stopped for the night in Lincoln City, Oregon after a little dance on the beach for me.  A very good day, lots of video again.  This time with close attention to the shotgun microphone and ear buds.

Keep on swingin’ – Rusty