Pacific Northwest – Day 5

We had a great day starting off with a 5.2 miles hike out the CAPE
LOOKOUT trail.  The CAPE juts out into the Pacific about 2 miles I
think.  We started off at about 850 ft. elevation and ended 400 feet
above the sea.  It was spectacular.  Img_2331
A footfall from the edge of human existence.  I’ll have a lot of HD video on this when I return.  Click here for the Google Map of Day 5.

It’s a mental translation that one goes through from the parking lot
to the end of the trail.  Civilization is left behind, and with each
foot step by the 600+ foot cliffs, I at least am aware of the fine line
between life and death, the observation of beauty and the intimate
participation in it (for a few seconds).  It was a lovely path.  One
full of appreciation.  It’s full of green living things and other
darker ones.  It is largely untouched by humanity save for the path.
One can feel this there.  Smell it… and hear it.  I captured some
wonderful sounds here with moving images.

A well earned lunch followed at Roseanna’s Cafe in Oceanside.  The multi-berry cobbler with ice cream is a good choice after the paninni too.

spent the night at Steve’s sister and brother-in-law’s home.  I most
gracious and unexpected stay.  We had a wonderful dinner at the CANNERY
CAFE in Astoria, Oregon.  I had salmon cakes that were just sublime (thank you Jim!).