Pacific Northwest – Day 6

We left Astoria, Oregon after a quick stop at Radio Shack for a new
electrical inverter to power the on-the-road-hardware.  So far, so
good, no funny smells or hot wires.  However we check frequently to
make sure that it’s working as planned.  Yes, we even checked the
voltage output.  Then we headed north… 271 miles total for the day (click here for the Google Map of day 6),
but the first stop was at the Hoh Rain Forest on the west side of
Olympic National Park.  It was the driest rain forest either of us had
seen in some time.  A bit disappointing.

Lunch at the Lake Quinault Lodge in the Roosevelt Room.  I shot some
HDV footage there, and would be happy to return for a longer visit.
Pressing north again we slowed for little else until we came to
Crescent Lake and finally after wrapping around the boundary of the
lake, to the Lake_crescent2
Crescent Lake Lodge.  Both Steve and I remarked that this lake looked
very similar to the lakes surrounding Bariloche, Argentina.  I thought
it reminded me of may Swiss lakes I had seen, steep sides, small cabins
and a generally very tranquil ambiance.  Img_2398
A glass of wine on the terrace at sunset was extraordinarly.

Meanwhile… I’ll update this further later on… it is now May
16th, and we are heading to the ferry for Victoria in Port Angeles,
Washington.  We’re not paddling in the Lake Crescent Lodge’s boats.Img_2391