Pacific Northwest – Day 7

Lake_crescent_lodge2_2The Lake Crescent Lodge last evening was picture postcard perfect.  The rooms were a little old, but what a location…. it’s all about the location.  I highly recommend the eggs benedict for breakfast.    The Lodge had only opened on May 11th so we were happy it was the start of the season and we could get a room without problem.  I am sure folks from Seattle flock to this place.  It’s worth the stop.

Here is our "route map" from the GPS today.  We lined up for the MV COHO ferry about noon for the 2pm departure.  It’s a nice, average ferry, nothing but the basics.  Certainly this was true of the on board coffee shop where we grabbed some pre-made sandwiches and hermetically sealed apple pie.  Img_2408
The latter was better than the sandwiches believe it or not.  Pulling into Victoria the ferry seemed to dodge the float planes that were taking off from the bay.  I know this was not the case, but we were that close to them.  We covered 172 miles today, mostly not lost.  The GPS (Garmin 60CSx) may be the best thing we brought on this trip.  Steve has long ago turned his GPS off and relied on this one.  It seems to know every street in North America. Click here for the Google Map of Day 7.  These map tracks are all derived from data in the Garmin GPS. 

The end of the road is at the "Hospitality Inn" in Port Alberni.  I had called on the cell phone (short) to the visitor information center in Port Alberni to find about schedules, places to stay and eat.  Little_bavaria2edit
Through this call we found LITTLE BAVARIA restaurant on 4th Street.  Outside it appeared to us to be closed, but inside it was buzzing with activity.  However I think they locked the door behind us.  Highly recommended.

We’ll be here in Port Alberni two nights as we are taking the 1937 vintage vessel, LADY ROSE, to Bamfield tomorrow.  We leave at 8am, so I am short on time again.  I will catch up on this log soon.  The need is huge to get better at this since we’ll soon be in Iceland going even faster to places whose names we can barely speak, let alone spell.

I have lots of unseen HD video to go with all of this… so hang on. – rj.