Pacific Northwest – Day 9

We left Port Alberni this morning about 9am for the drive to Ucluelet.  This was finally, more or less off the grid for the GPS insofar as restaurants or lodging.  It did have the roads, but few names to them at this point. However, it should… the place is hopping with people.  We had a late breakfast/early lunch in Ucluelet, then proceeded to Tofino.  Ultimately to stay at the Long Beach Lodge Resort near Tofino.  This was a splurge for our coastal journey, but this was the end of the road, and the last stay going north.  The room is very nice, but not world class.  Smallish was my first impression, but well executed.  The shower should just be ripped out and re-installed anew however. 

I am typing this from the bar at the hotel (photo at the right was taken moments ago with my view out the window!), it is pouring rain outside so we are dining here at the hotel.  Which looks very nice in any event.  On the left is the GPS track in more detail of where we are on the coast.

We wandered down through the coast of the Pacific Rim National Park, stopping at a beach for an 800 m. walk near the interpretive center.  I stuffed the XH-A1 Canon camcorder into the Porter Brace rain slicker and ventured forth into the downpour.  Obviously on this web log none of these photos/videos have been shared or even looked at by me yet.  Img_2452
In fact most of the photos have been taken with my Canon SD 800 IS.  This one on the right was from the beach.  The piece of wood was about 3" long.  Nature carved it, not me! (promise).  And the last two, on the left, I took in the garden of the Visitor Center for the Park.  The Google Map for Day 9 is here.

Tomorrow we’ll head to Victoria and rendezvous with Jaclyn, the expedition leader of out Quark Expeditions trip to Antarctica last February.  Then we’ll be on the ferry to the mainland at 7pm.

Dinner at the restaurant in the Long Beach Lodge Resort was delicious, albeit slow, really slow.  However the manager paid for our dessert and cordials at the end which left us in a happy but still sated state.  It is a lovely resort and restaurant, I shall return.  Even the chefs were a jovial crew.