Pacific Northwest – Day 10-11

Img_2476 Day 10:  Tofino to Bellingham, Washington with a stop in Victoria, B.C.  Click here for the Google Map of Day 10.

Img_2472The image from our breakfast table summed up much of the rest of the day.  However earlier, we even had a peek of sunlight from beneath the incoming clouds.  It was a long day of driving, 305 miles to be exact.  This is a Google Map link, first be sure to zoom OUT, or navigate with the location window on the lower right.   Google Maps Help is here on this link.

We made a rendezvous in Victoria with our fearless leader from the Quark Expedition trip, Jaclyn McPhadden.  It was so out of context with the rough and tumble Zodiac driver that I had included in my daily videos (soon to be edited!) virtually everyday from down SOUTH… that I for a moment felt out of place in the lux bar at Laurel Point Inn overlooking the very civilized and CLEAN harbor of Victoria.  I wasn’t in Right Whale Bay anymore… but for a moment, my thoughts flashed 9000 miles away, and I was there again.  In a heart beat I was ready to  be lectured about where not to go, what not to step in or on, and what not to leave behind.  It was great to see her again and she was most gracious to Steve and I in our very short visit.  I learned that Quark Expeditions had been sold to First Choice Holidays PLC (a public company).  She was undecided on their offer to go on the circumpolar navigation this fall aboard the ice breaker, KAPITAN KHLEBNIKOV.  I hope that she can fulfill all of her life’s goals and still work for Quark.  She really made the trip south to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and Antarctica, fun and exciting.  She certainly proved to us that she is an asset to the company.

Steve and I parted Victoria for our 7pm reservation aboard the SPIRIT OF VANCOUVER and the drive down to the USA.  We arrived pretty tired about 10pm in Bellingham, Washington.

DAY 11:  Homeward bound.  Today we covered the last miles, 302 of them to Steve’s house in Beaverton, Oregon.  The Google Map for Day 11 is here.  It rained almost the entire day.  After a brief stop in Seattle to say hello to my sister we were off on the road again.  Trying to finish the day before sunset.

As we crossed the bridge in Portland we saw our first blue sky… and by the time we reached Steve’s home, we were somewhat in dappled sun.  A nice end to a fun trip of exploration.  My thanks to Steve.  Except for some serious packing, I think we are ready for Iceland.  At least now I know what I need before we depart.  Thanks for joining us.

The best is yet to come.

Cheers, Rusty

ps. I have added links to daily maps and some new images to many of the pages.  Video clips will follow soon.