Four large images in Flash “Zoomify” format

I have added four panoramas for viewing in the "Zoomify" format.  One is of the Lemaire Channel in Antarctica, my largest panorama, derived from 7 images (~20,000 x 3,000 pixels).  For me this was the most emotional and inspiring moment of the voyage in Antarctica, along with Drygalski Fjord on South Georgia Island.

The second is of a beautiful iceberg in the Scotia Sea (~12,000 x 3,000 pixels) derived from five images.

Third is of our last landing in Antarctica at Petermann Island.  You can see the sister ship to the PROFESSOR MULTANOVSKIY on the far right (~11,500 x 2,800 pixels).  This is made from 15 images in 3 sets, each creating an HDR image (high dynamic range).

And finally, a panorama of our landing at Neko Harbor, Antarctica later I will add an audio file to this one of the glacier in action (~12,700 x 3800 pixels).  Here you can see many of us scurrying about examining and being examined… by penguins.