Still here in Austin

I was side lined a month ago unable to travel due to a medical issue so I have been catching up locally.  Town Lake, now renamed "Lady Bird Lake" in honor of Lady Bird Johnson
(largely responsible for much of the people friendly development around
it) is in the heart of Austin (left).  My friend Pam is rowing in the bottom center of the photo.

A few days ago I tried to see the Red Bull Flugtag (right)… but so did about 100,000 other people and it was standing room only.  Rj200708251900142907edit2Even without a seat it was difficult to see anything much at all.  All the images I took were while  moving. 
The shot of the lake on the upper left was several months ago, obviously a quieter time. 
All sorts of venues come here and it brings out all sorts of folks.  Rj200708251834232893
After a few hot hours of walking (it was probably less but it seemed like more) I gave up and said we need a boat next year.