Morning in Baie St. Jean

I just entered this photo in a contest.  Not bad considering it was taken with my Canon SD800 IS (two images).  It was also at 6:19 am before any coffee.  I was hardly awake but I love watching this bay change, from dawn to dusk, in sky, color, currents, boats and people. Over decades, I had years of watching and observing, but never from this angle. It was almost like a wholly different place, I knew it intimately, but from a another side. It was familiar but at the same time transformed. Traveling with companions opens one’s mind to new views, and that is exactly what this trip did to me. As soon as the sun crested the island, a fresh squall reflected the loveliest rainbow I had seen back to me. My friends slept through the transient moment, but I had it forever. St. Barthélemy, FWI. December 19, 2006.