An RC Park (that’s Remote Control)

I went to a Remote Control Aircraft Park, airport really, last week.  Flight commencement was supposed to start about 9am, but like JFK Airport, there were delays.  Rj_200709220932343641
I was restricted from getting a vantage point that would have eased the sun’s morning angle in my face, so I made the best of it.  An hour of roasting in the morning rays were about all I could handle, but it was quite the sight to see there on the tarmac.  Scaled down versions of some classic aircraft, and most all of them would fly.  There were even a few experimentals, Rj_200709220940123655
like this powered hang glider, whose creator said he had about 500 hours in building it.  Some had sponsors, and some did not.  Rj_200709220933513644
Or perhaps they just liked beer and put the name on it anyway.  In any event, it was a beautiful display of dedication and workmanship on their part.  The crowd was electric with excitement for the first flights.  Some were prepared for the morning glare as evidenced by my friend’s son.