View to the South

One year ago this evening I returned from my month long trip to South America and Antarctica.  So while I was working on the long delayed video of the trip I did some frame grabs that were taken with the idea I would want them in the future.  That future arrived today.  The image is of my last glimpse of the Melchior Islands off the coast of the continent Antarctica as we headed north.  The fact that I could get this image at all was amazing to me.  As we left the passage between the islands clouds covered our departure.  However hours later, probably 25 miles away, the clouds had lifted and the bright sun peeked through under them.  The only camera I had in my hand for those few minutes was my Canon GL-2 video.  So maximum zoom, braced against a bulkhead of the rolling ship, I steadied for as many seconds as I could hold my breath.  A year and four frame grabs later, with a lot of help from Photoshop CS3 and Photoshop Lightroom, and Genuine Fractals 5.0, I got a pretty good shot for the web.  Just not as good as one of my shipmates with his 500mm.