Some Video from Way South

wave_surface_video_lead.jpgFrom last February 2007.

password = penguin

the disclaimer is at the bottom below the movie:

This is a very rough cut with
little editing. A slow start north of the South Orkney Islands. There
is some profanity, nudity with people drinking, lying, speaking frankly
from the heart and people pulling your leg…. there are no titles but
you’ll get the idea. View at your own risk. Any resemblance of the
characters to real life persons is purely coincidental. Argentina,
Falklands, South Georgia Island, and Estancia Alicura will all be added
in later edits. This is just to give everyone a taste of an experience
of a lifetime. It was extraordinary.

I hope to finish this video before January 2009 as I continue to
learn Final Cut Pro Studio.  This edit is just under 59 minutes…. down from 11 hrs.

This was shot on a Canon GL-2, and I’ll be taking my Canon XH-A1 HD cam on the next trip in January 2009.

Enjoy. – Rusty