MIT and Boston

I have not had any beans yet, but lots of Chinese tea and great architecture.  Boston is a wonderful town.  A quick walk across the Boston Common and we were in Beacon Hill.  Almost immediately a local resident who was walking his dog sparked a conversation with us and started giving me some of the local history and culture.  Within seconds he said "follow me" and led us to some of the great architecture of the city.  Some blocks later having parted ways with my first host, a gracious lady coming home struck up a conversation as she entered her home.  She said "Oh you’re from Austin, the people there are different from the rest of Texas aren’t they?".  I said "yes, we didn’t vote for George".

So much history here…. I walked 12+ miles on the first day, and 9+ on the second.  The whole of the "Freedom Trail" to Bunker Hill Monument, the USS Constitution, water shuttle back to downtown, Boston Common down Commonwealth Avenue, over to Newbury… across Harvard Bridge, and like a magnetic pull I was drawn to Frank Gehry’s architectural masterpiece on the MIT Campus.  Then back to the city across the Charles River and a sail boat race.  Boston has it all.  Tomorrow I am off to Woods Hole, MA.  More from there….