St. John’s to Halifax

louisbourg_merchant.jpgCommentary on blogging:  It is best done when traveling alone.  That said, I’ll do a paragraph to get from St. John’s Newfoundland to Halifax, Nova Scotia where we will arrive in about 10 hours.  Ramea Islands were rainy, foggy and interesting, but not very special insofar as photography of my interests.  Gros Morne was wonderful, but we had had barely enough time to do a short walk, let alone a boat ride up the fjord and a hike at the end…. so only the former was accomplished.  I’ll be back without slow moving guides.  Today we were in Louisbourg, Nova Scotia… one of the last defenses of the French.  Begun in 1713 and elegantly preserved in that period.  It was a superb historical tour of the early province.

I have new life long friends from Los Angeles and Kansas City.  Who would have known.  It’s just the way the stars aligned.

More from Halifax where we will have an all day tour across the island and an evening in Halifax to catch up before leaving for Lunenberg, Nova Scotia.