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bbq_pit.jpgLast week breakfast_or_lunch.jpgI did a short “BBQ Tour” with my friend Mark to sample the spiced cuisine in the Austin region of Texas. Unfortunately we did not have the discipline required for what I am sure will become many forays in multiple compass directions. We were overcome with the aromas offered at our first stop, Smitty’s Market, in Lockhart, Texas, and ordered too much.

It was only 10:30am and we had the full day before us. Caldwell_County_Courthouse_1893.jpgI was doing well up until the moment I snapped the photo of the BBQ on the butcher paper in front of me. Carnivore instincts set in and we seemed out of control for a short time. Smitty’s got four greasy thumbs up in the end. The sweet ribs were our favorite. We pressed onward to Luling after walking around the heart of Lockhart.

luliing_sign.jpgThe smoke stained sign in the interior of the Luling City Market was ominous. But our quest for food that only a cardiologist could appreciate was not over yet. We did the “usual” at this point, one link of sauage, four ribs, and a few slices of brisket. Since this was “lunch” we even threw in a Shiner beer too. The line was out the door by the time our eyes glazed over with a coating of cholesterol and we muttered the words “I’m done” and “me too.” Wrapped up what was left just in case, and took it with us. Mark and I agreed it wasn’t exactly fair to judge the Luling Market in our sated state, but we gave the edge to Smitty’s.

step_back_in_time.jpg“On the road again” as Willie Nelson says in his song. We stopped briefly in Gonzales to take in the local antiques, both in and outside shops. heat_and_waiting.jpgA nice place to stop and visit the Gonzales Memorial Museum, full of Texas history. It was near here that on October 2nd, 1835 the first shot was fired in the Texas war of independence from Mexico.

shiner.jpgOur own day was running late and we had one final destination to see the K. Spoetzl Brewery, the creator of Shiner beer. We arrived about 90 seconds before the visitor center closed, but not to late for a quick sample to end our day.

More to come….


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