Tuscany, Italy – an unexpected vision

R_20090408235410_0001.jpgR_20090408235713_0002.jpgI wish I had taken the photos presented here, alas I did not.  I was just a recipient of the marvelous eye of Dwaine Gaeke via a forwarded email from a mutual friend.  Dwaine gave me permission to publish these as an example.  I just wanted to demonstrate that anyone can capture these images if you have an eye for composition and vary the exposure.  As soon as I saw them I realized that they were virtually identical in framing, just different exposures with a Panasonic Lumix point-n-shoot camera.
R_20090408235713_hdr.jpg I aligned them in Photoshop CS4, then used Photomatix to create an HDR image, which I subsequently reimported into PS CS4 to paint the HDR image over part of the darker original to remove some parts that were too light.  I ran the Noiseware Pro filter on the result to reduce digital noise, then saved and imported into Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.3 for final tweaking.  Here is the result…. almost mystical.  Great job Dwaine.


One thought on “Tuscany, Italy – an unexpected vision

  1. What a great explanation of how images taken with a simple camera can be made into an artful vision. Well done Rusty and well done Dwaine! (Welcome back to the States Dwaine!)

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