View to the South

One year ago this evening I returned from my month long trip to South America and Antarctica.  So while I was working on the long delayed video of the trip I did some frame grabs that were taken with the idea I would want them in the future.  That future arrived today.  The image is […]

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Icy Penmanship – PUBLISHED

A nice surprise, my short article for the new magazine EVERYWHERE was included.  If you hurry you can get a discount on the subscription until December 31st.  My article is the first past the table of contents, the one with the big white iceberg!  Pages 14 & 15, the full issue can be found here […]

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EXPLORER Lost at Sea

This story is coming to a close now.  It is a dramatic reminder of how dangerous, even in modern times, that nature and the Southern Ocean can be to adventurers.  Read the story in the New York Times here.  Images are here.

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In for another swim

It’s one of those things.  I can’t get enough.  I committed today for another swim in the deep south.  This adventure is a long way off, and I anticipate planning extensively.  The last trip I did with just 10 days notice.  Only upon my return I thought of 1000 things I wish I had done.  […]

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One more iceberg

I revisited a few Antarctica photos today while teaching a friend about Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Photoshop CS3.  I think I probably need to revisit more of them… I like this one.  It is now in the galleries.

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