BBQ Tour

Last week I did a short “BBQ Tour” with my friend Mark to sample the spiced cuisine in the Austin region of Texas. Unfortunately we did not have the discipline required for what I am sure will become many forays in multiple compass directions. We were overcome with the aromas offered at our first stop, […]

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Lord Nelson’s Sunset

I have had a lot of discussion about this image in my Caribbean gallery so I am going to elaborate more on it.  I did an exploratory trip of the Caribbean in 1978 on an old 1930’s schooner for six weeks.  I traveled from the Grenadines to Antigua.  May 15, 1978 was the first time […]

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I played a bit more with my wild valentine sky and then decided it looked somewhat like ocean waves (left).  Much like the glacier ice (right) did to me in Iceland (June 2007).  Life is full of ups and downs no matter where one looks.  It just takes practice in observing.

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Land and Sky

Texas has been really dry for the past year and a half.  Austin and environs are about 24″ of rainfall behind.  Here are a couple of HDR images from Dripping Springs & Johnson City, Texas.  Lastly is an image from inside the wine cellars of Pedernales Cellars (plural seems a bit of a stretch).  It’s […]

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Stata Space Port

I stumbled upon a few images that I took last April in Boston, MA.  Hand held HDR images of the Stata Center at MIT.  I could not resist one more try at creating something that seemed out of this world.  It looks like a wild dream of a “space port.” Another angle reminded me of […]

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