More images from New Orleans

I have been learning and playing with many of the new features of Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended edition.  I must say, even after being a student and teacher of the program for 17 years, the software is just plain fun sometimes.  The original image on the left was actually shot in five exposures, hand held, […]

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The Canadian Maritimes

Image at left: Anchored off Norris Point, in Gros Morne National Park on the northwest coast of Newfoundland, +49° 30′ 36.70″N, -57° 53′ 11.19″W, we are greeted by amazing light of the morning sun.  A lone Zodiac driver waits for his call to duty on the side of the ship.  Meanwhile, he/she was the perfect […]

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New York to Austin

The trip from New York CIty to Austin, Texas is not as easy as the Staten Island Ferry, but at least it was an non-stop flight and the flight plan was accepted by the FAA’s computers (big glitch today, not many hours after my flight).  I am busy working on images and will create some […]

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Woods Hole, MA

It’s a cloudy and somewhat biting day here, but less rain than yesterday. Perhaps I’ll start a novel like Lord Byron and Mary Shelley. A few places around here make you feel like it is 1816 again. We’re off to Martha’s Vineyard tomorrow for the day.

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