I played a bit more with my wild valentine sky and then decided it looked somewhat like ocean waves (left).  Much like the glacier ice (right) did to me in Iceland (June 2007).  Life is full of ups and downs no matter where one looks.  It just takes practice in observing. Advertisements

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Quatorze Juillet (Bastille Day)

I am heading to France in a month.  Well, not the motherland, but one of the last vestiges of her colonial past, the isles de la Collectivité territoriale de Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon.  These small islands are the only remnants of the empire of New France that extended from Newfoundland to the Rocky Mountains.  Along the way I’ll […]

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Getting back to printing

Occasionally I return to older images after software updates and reprocess the RAW files.  This time Adobe Photoshop Lightroom had been updated twice, and HDR Software’s Photomatix had been updated several times.  Sometimes this makes both the software and the image "better" (I hope).  More often than not I end up tweaking another dozen images […]

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Panorama of SE Iceland

I was looking for another image and stumbled on five images that I had not stitched from the Iceland trip.  It is now in the Iceland Travel Gallery.  I call it YELLOW CONTEMPLATING BLUE (the tourist in the yellow hood is staring at the blue berg bit).  A nice discovery for me and him. Speaking […]

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Iceland Travel Photos + Fine Art Photography

Today I uploaded all of the "travel photos" (food, road shots, story telling images) along with the hopefully, excellent printable images.  They can all be found here: http://www.terra360.com/iceland/ice_all/index.html The FINE ART images are now available for viewing (lower left link on front page) or here: http://www.terra360.com/iceland/iceland_art/index.html Prices will be posted shortly (really)… enjoy! – Rj.

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