Life after Jay

A few weeks ago I finished a one week photography workshop put on by Jay Maisel (of Spring Street in New York City) within the parameters of the venue offered by Vancouver Workshops in British Columbia, Canada.  Jay still has me framing photos better in my mind.  I am grateful for that.  It was a […]

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Pacific Northwest – Day 9

We left Port Alberni this morning about 9am for the drive to Ucluelet.  This was finally, more or less off the grid for the GPS insofar as restaurants or lodging.  It did have the roads, but few names to them at this point. However, it should… the place is hopping with people.  We had a […]

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Pacific Northwest – Day 8

Early mornings in the Pacific NW have a heavy moisture laden smell thick with sap and salty air.  It was great to be on a dock again, and about to head west.   I actually made the trip from Port Alberni, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada to Bamfield (the promotion map is here) aboard the MV […]

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Pacific Northwest – Day 7

The Lake Crescent Lodge last evening was picture postcard perfect.  The rooms were a little old, but what a location…. it’s all about the location.  I highly recommend the eggs benedict for breakfast.    The Lodge had only opened on May 11th so we were happy it was the start of the season and we […]

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Pacific Northwest – Day 6

We left Astoria, Oregon after a quick stop at Radio Shack for a new electrical inverter to power the on-the-road-hardware.  So far, so good, no funny smells or hot wires.  However we check frequently to make sure that it’s working as planned.  Yes, we even checked the voltage output.  Then we headed north… 271 miles […]

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Pacific Northwest – Day 5

We had a great day starting off with a 5.2 miles hike out the CAPE LOOKOUT trail.  The CAPE juts out into the Pacific about 2 miles I think.  We started off at about 850 ft. elevation and ended 400 feet above the sea.  It was spectacular.  A footfall from the edge of human existence.  […]

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