Prelude to darkness

Albeit not quite as warm a night as the last shot, in fact I had my heavy parka on for it, this is from the Race Track Playa in Death Valley National Park.  Checking equipment and waiting for total darkness 85 miles from the nearest soul. Advertisements

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The Canadian Maritimes

Image at left: Anchored off Norris Point, in Gros Morne National Park on the northwest coast of Newfoundland, +49° 30′ 36.70″N, -57° 53′ 11.19″W, we are greeted by amazing light of the morning sun.  A lone Zodiac driver waits for his call to duty on the side of the ship.  Meanwhile, he/she was the perfect […]

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View to the South

One year ago this evening I returned from my month long trip to South America and Antarctica.  So while I was working on the long delayed video of the trip I did some frame grabs that were taken with the idea I would want them in the future.  That future arrived today.  The image is […]

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Panorama of SE Iceland

I was looking for another image and stumbled on five images that I had not stitched from the Iceland trip.  It is now in the Iceland Travel Gallery.  I call it YELLOW CONTEMPLATING BLUE (the tourist in the yellow hood is staring at the blue berg bit).  A nice discovery for me and him. Speaking […]

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IVRPA Meeting

The International VR Photography Association is having its meeting in Berkeley, CA.  Everyone is learning a lot about the capture, creation, technical fine tuning, and business of this special world of imagery. More to come on this soon, but likely not until after ICELAND.  I depart on June 21st.

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