Cooliris version 1.1

I have been using the amazing COOLIRIS add-on to Firefox and Safari for quite some time, and it keeps getting better.  Being able to browse my own images on my computer’s hard disk is a nice touch.  Perhaps one day it will support DNG & other RAW files.  Meanwhile, get it, you’ll love the 3-D […]

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Perception and Art

2009 is a great time to be in photography.  The quality of the equipment and the software to process images has improved dramatically in the past 15 years.  I find that my mind coached with training of what these tools can do, has even altered my perceptions of the way I see the world.  I […]

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Photoshop Lightroom galleries

I have begun experimenting recently with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom’s ability to utilize gallery plugins.  Here is one fun example from The Turning Gate called TTG Photo Stack Gallery.  It is of my tour in the Pacific northwest last May.  Click here to see it.  Just click on the images…. have fun.

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