Connecting to the Stars

Connecting to the Stars

With a little help from my friend Scott Martin (previous post) I met with a private star this night in July 2012 between Yosemite and Mono Lake.

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Beaming Up Scotty

Beaming Up Scotty

From the eastern edge of Yosemite, near Mono Lake, the teleportation began late one night in July 2012. It was all over in an instant.

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Racetrack Stars

RACETRACK STARS: lit only by starlight, I was on a moonless night in April, in the high desert of Death Valley National Park on the Racetrack Playa (~4000 ft. elev.).  A 20 minute exposure combined with several of shorter duration.  Canon 1D Mark IV and 14mm f/2.8 lens.

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Quatorze Juillet (Bastille Day)

I am heading to France in a month.  Well, not the motherland, but one of the last vestiges of her colonial past, the isles de la Collectivité territoriale de Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon.  These small islands are the only remnants of the empire of New France that extended from Newfoundland to the Rocky Mountains.  Along the way I’ll […]

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